Do’s and dont’s for a London escort Exclusive

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Do’s and dont’s for a London escort Agency

Do’s and dont’s for a London escort

Do’s and dont’s for a London escort

The prospect of becoming an escort in London may be lucrative, but do not let the glam and gleam blind you. There are a lot of things that you need to be careful about while you are in the industry:

Things that you should do

  • Do not reveal your real identity to your agency or client.
  • Adopt a name that doesn’t look made up or absurd.
  • Never reveal your address or your phone number to your clients. Anonymity is a savior in your career as a London escort.
  • Unless it is necessary, try not to carry any identity proofs along with you. Even if you do, ensure that no nosey client can see them.
  • Advance payment is always advisable. This will avoid non-payment and other such issues after the service.
  • Try to steer clear of clients who are abusive or bully in nature.
  • Make sure that you abide by the law at all times.
  • Screen your clients thoroughly before accepting an offer. Try to get information about your client professionally.
  • Try to avoid the use of alcohol or drugs while you are with a client. Even if you have to drink socially, keep it within limits.
  • Ensure that you use condoms (best quality) before you have sex.
  • All other forms of pleasure like role play, kinky sex, fetish, etc. should totally be on your terms.
  • Make sure that your workplace is hygienic enough.
  • Arranging your own transportation and having a cab at a stand-by can be helpful in case the situation turns ugly.
  • Having a car and a trustworthy driver is the best for you.
  • While visiting a client, it is advisable not to carry too much money.
  • If you have a reliable friend, let him/her know that you are going on an outcall.
  • Let your client know that your driver is waiting outside, clearly indicating that he must stick to the rules.

Things to steer clear of

  • Never talk about the services that you offer over phone or email. Let your website or agent do the talking for you.
  • Do not enter places that may seem to shabby or illegal, even if your client insists.
  • Never let your work take a toll on your health. If you feel unwell, say a direct no.
  • Do not enter the place of meeting if you think there are more people than there should be.
  • Do not engage in risky games, such as playing with fire, breath play, etc. even if your client wants so.
  • Don’t wear very revealing clothes while traveling to your client’s place. Unwanted people may be tempted.
  • Do not take lifts from other vehicles when you are all glammed up.
  • Do not accept the offer if you find a party ongoing at the place. Things may turn out to be nasty.
  • Do not agree to meet other people (especially, if there are many) at your client’s place.

The prospect of being a London escort is no doubt alluring, and if you can stick to the safety rules, you can actually earn big bucks with much less effort.

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