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How to dress if you are a high class escort? Agency

How to dress if you are a high class escort?

How to dress if you are a high class escort?

Being a high-class escort in London isn’t as easy as you think. It isn’t just selling sex; it is much more than that. Most clients who look for escorts not only look for sex but they look for someone who will fill up the emptiness in their lives. In fact, they want the escorts to be like their partners, who will charm them when they are alone and also be their companion to events and occasions. And that is the very reason, why a London escort needs to be highly fashionable and stylish.

You just cannot dress however you may like and present yourself to your clients as you choose to. You have to cater to the demands of your clients, and thus, the following tips will be useful for your career:

Before you start your career, stand in front of the mirror and decide what would look best on you. Just because another escort sports a style doesn’t mean you have to follow that. In fact, if you can be different and yet be beautiful, you are sure to attract more clients than others in the profession.

That being said, you need to keep yourself updated about the latest trends in the fashion industry. If a new brand or style of lingerie is creating a buzz, you need to check out if you can accentuate your appeal with it.

Your clients will always like a partner who is sensuous and charming and can make one go hard just with a few moves of the body and you have to find out what makes you look and be sexy and sensuous.

The dress that you choose should go well with the occasion. If you are in a room with your client, you can wear some lacy filigree, but when you attend a dinner date, you need to wear a dress that makes you look gorgeous and a real beauty.

Never opt for cheap clothing, inner wear, accessories, footwear, etc. This may negatively affect your image and your client’s as well, resulting in negative reputation.

Visit salons and beauty parlors at regular intervals for beauty treatments like waxing, pedicure, manicure, nail filing, hair care, facials, exfoliation therapies, and the like that will make you look prim and pretty.

Your hairstyle and make-up should look natural as well as appealing.

Choose a perfume that best expresses your nature and style. Do not wear anything too bold unless you are sure you can carry it with ease.

Try to match your footwear, accessories, and makeup with the dress that you choose and the event that you are going to attend.

Do not ever wear anything that you may not feel comfortable with. This will give make you feel uncomfy at all times and create a negative impression.

Everything that you wear will be an example of your tastes and do not let your choices seem too rude or inappropriate.

Nails should preferably be short and if you want to keep them long, make sure they do not look distasteful.

Overall, it is vital that you pay attention to what your clients want and dress up accordingly.


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