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Interview with escort Abeilla Agency

Interview with escort Abeilla

Interview with a London escort

The booming escort industry in London has made it a lucrative career option amongst many. So, here, we present to you an exclusive interview with a high class London escort who has earned quite a repute for being one of the sexiest and most charming beauties to rule the industry.

Abeilla is a heartthrob amongst those who know her and she describes herself as ‘playful, sexy as hell, a hot bod and the woman of your fantasies’. She has been the reigning queen in the industry and an hour spent with her would cost you £300 and more. She is as hot as a fitness model and as beautiful as a classic model. From school fantasies to steamy bathtub sex, you name it and Abeilla fulfills your desire for you.

So, we asked Abeilla a few questions about her life as an escort and what she likes/dislikes about it.

We: Well, Abeilla, let’s start with the age-old question. Why did you choose to be an escort?

Abeilla (laughing) – Well, first things first. I came from a family full of beautiful women. All my sisters and cousins are beautiful, sexy and curvaceous too. Men (and boys) always chased us – through school and college. Personally, that’s the best that I could have asked for (Who wouldn’t like all that attention? Boys hanging on every word I spoke, every move that I made). I was an extrovert kid and I had no problem at all, handling that ‘extra’ attention. As I grew up, I realized I quite enjoy the attention and if I could get paid for that (and some more), what could be better than that? And so, I chose to become an escort in London.

We: Did your life change after you became an escort?

Abeilla: If I said no, I would be lying. Yes, it did change. I didn’t tell my parents initially, so for the first year at work, I had to make up a lot of excuses. I was bold and beautiful ever since I was in my teens (laughs coyly) but staying out of home at odd hours and sometimes for long hours too, was the difficult part. My sisters supported me though. Also, in my initial years, I encountered several clients who thought of me as nothing more than a piece of meat. I disliked them and over the years, I chucked them out of my life.

We: Yes, in-line with what you just said, what do you like about your life as an escort? And what you don’t like?

Abeilla: The money, of course (laughs)! I get paid roughly £400 for 1 hour of my service. That’s indeed a lot of money. Moreover, it gives me what I like most – attention, care, pampering and a lot of chances to doll myself up. On a serious note, I seriously like helping people who are unhappy with their lives, bored, lonely or frustrated. It gives me inner happiness.

That being said, I don’t like clients who think they are doing a favor paying me or just because they have paid me, I should do whatever they demand. Also, I hate men who try to pity me as I am an escort.

We had an interesting time chatting with Abeilla. Follow us to know more!

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