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How to rank your escort site? Agency

How to rank your escort site?

How to increase your rank in Google? This is the problem that many escorts have with their sites. If your site is pretty,  was 1000 pounds and is no where in Google is pretty worthless don’t you think?

Here are a few tips for non-technical escort out there that want to improve google rankings:

  1. Post original content/articles as many as you can and as frequent as you can. Maybe you never heard the G slogan:”content is king”, but Google loves good and high-quality content, so don’t post copied articles from other blogs or sites because that is like doing and outcall service for 0 pounds.
  2. Try to host your escort website local. What that means? If you are offering your services to customers in Berlin, try to host to a Berlin company because Google loves local in 2016 and site will load a lot faster if is closer to the final client. This step is also included in step 5. Faster means better experience for your visitors.
  3. List your site to escort directories. You can google and for sure you’ll find a list of it. Try to list your site to the proper category and location. Don’t mess it up!
  4. Use clear and big click to action buttons like Contact, Call, Book. (this isn’t a seo factor really, but will help to your conversions)
  5. Make your site to load faster. Website speed has nowadays a big importance in how Google will place your site in search. Try to reach a big score on Google page speed test and for sure your rankings will improve, the number of your customers will increase and that will put more $$ and reviews in your pocket. If you need guidance, I can help with this step for free, just drop an email to contact[at]dcclondonescorts[.]com and ask for help.
  6. Don’t do exchange link! Why? This strategy doesn’t work anymore for Google, in fact, you could penalize your site and lose rankings and visitors.

This 6 tips will help your site to rank higher in google and this aspect will get more targeted visitors and for sure more clients. Escorts invest lots of money in their look, right? Treat your site like you treat yourself and for sure you’ll not regret it.



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